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We are a group of people who are involved in all phases of equine rescue.  Welcome all who want to join!   We are constantly growing and trying to get all New Englanders as well as surrounding areas, together in the best network possible. We need to find good homes, foster homes, volunteers, transport, advice, referals, and as much support as we can to help stop the abuse, neglect, and slaughter of horses.   There is no one facility, no one rescue, but a large group of people ranging from ‘an extra stall’ to larger 501(c)3 organizations.

Please join us.

We welcome all horse people, location is not important, the bigger the better!

NEER is pending non profit status.  Ein: 202629551 

This was Gammy Num Num…

She was pulled from the local auction house, but was in such terrible shape that the only humane thing to do was to euthanize her.  She was crippled in front (you can almost see the angle of her front left) and in considerable pain, and had such terrible skin issues that she wouldn’t stop scratching even for a moment…raw and bloody!  ):

After many months of just trying to get her comfortable she was euthanized on a nice fall day with a mouthful of grain and a smile on her face.

She looks pretty good here with her new spring hairdo…  (:

She was what inspired the New England Equine Rescues effort…


Look what christy of www.ac4h.com pulled from New Holland!  She outbid
the brokers and the meatman!…

He is a Brabant, and going to me!!
 His new
name is ‘Dagh’.

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