About Us

NEER was started in ’05 when I saw a need to network all the people interested in helping horses.  I saw that rescues weren’t talking to each other, and didn’t have the time to solicit all that they needed from the many that are happy to help. I don’t have the land to save them all, and my husband won’t let me spend the retirement money.  So instead, I started the NEER board and got my friends involved, it has grown into 700+ members since then, and we have done a great deal to help many horses, with the help of everybody that we can find. 

I personally live in coastal RI, but the NEER peeps are all over New England, including those below, who are both the NEER core, and fosters for NEER.  My place is not a ‘facility’, and I am not looking for any credit…I am very back yard, and just want to save horses.

Thanks to everybody who has helped, we have really made a difference… (:

Beth Hill Ross
Rhode Island